All You Need To Know About Normandy Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Shutters have been known to be elegant window furniture for many years, and will often be a tribute to a homeowners sophistication and style. Plantation shutters provide both the design, privacy and light control options. Having screens in your home can also increase its value. No matter what you are purchasing for your home, it can be an investment. Screens of exceptional quality can provide long-term value in your home.

Let’s Talk About Quality Shutters

When it comes to quality plantation shutters, they are made with meticulous management each step of the way in their creation. This starts even before they are being made with the research and development.

The Benefits of Shutters

When it comes to the benefits of shutters, there are plenty. The shutters have been made for years and craftsmen have been able to perfect the design. Woods that are used in these shutters are tight grain that makes the shutters, durable. They are designed for long-term stability and have a uniformed appearance.


Colour: You can order shutters in a range of standard stain and paint colours. The wood has a distinctive porous grain pattern and when the paint or stain is dry, the pores will be visible giving it a stylish finish.

Colour Fastness: The material used in quality shutters is most usually stained or painted. In other word, the shutters are not susceptible to a significant degree of colour change. However, if this does occur, it would be a gradual change and will add to the character of the timber.

Hardness: The materials used are naturally a medium density wood and is ideal for blinds and shutters. The timber is not too heavy neither is it too light. It is an idea for shutters due to the reasonable amount of harness it offers, giving an excellent resistance to knocks and bumps.

Moisture Resistance: The moisture resistance of plantation shutters comes down to the finish applied to the surface. The finish is also a UV single-pack lacquer, making them suitable for indoor use only. However, these screens are not recommended for wet areas.

Ordering is usually quite simple – all you have to do is order the style you want and the size you want from Brisbane plantation shutters, and the pricing will appear as you order. Some of these online stores that sell plantation shutters have a section on their site for feedback from customers. This is always worth looking at because it gives you an idea of whether the products are quality products and also offers a glimpse at what their customer service is like.