A Brief Guide to Choosing Baths

A Brief Guide to Choosing Baths

Finally looking forward to getting the tub to the bathroom of your dreams? Getting to know about different types and what type of Baths to go for is very important.

Planning out your dream house requires attention to intricate details such as the space and the positioning of rooms. Every room needs to be wisely designed and this holds true even for your bathroom. This guide will help you decide which bathtub is perfect for you:

Sharpen Your Vision

If you are a homeowner, you have envisioned what this room would look like and what motif it would have. Make sure that your theme coincides with what your family needs, or, if you live alone, with what you need. This is also necessary even when you are renovating to increase the value of your home. Having a clean vision will help you decide on the colour, material, style and positioning of your tub.

Consider your Space

Your space will dictate the size of your tub. Take measurements of your room and go for a bath that can fit. To maximise your surface area, you can consider getting a corner or L-shaped bathtub. As the name suggests, corner-shaped tubs are placed in the corner of your area, thus, it is shaped like a triangle. L- or P-shaped ones are those designed to have a wider area at one side. This way, you can place more necessary features without sacrificing utility.

Choose a Material

You can achieve your aesthetic goals with the materials you choose. Stone tubs give off a Zen style, whilst acrylic and steel ones are commonly used for the average home because of their durability and ease of maintenance. Those made of cast iron indicates a more luxurious vibe.

Combined or Separate Shower?

Do you intend to have a dedicated for your showerhead or do you want it built into your fixture? A combined bath and shower is more space-efficient and can be easily achieved with L- or P-shaped bathtubs.

Now that you know which style, material and type of baths you want, why not give Bathroomware House a call?