Carpet Cleaning Company Tips: Steam vs Dry Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet cleaning methods are known to vary, but these two known types of cleaning are known to be the only ones that are guaranteed to be effective for your needs. Making sure that you learn the differences between the two are very important so that you will be able to determine its uses based on the aspects that differentiate the two. With this knowledge about the differences between the two known types of carpet cleaning methods, for sure you will be able to choose which one is the best for your needs.

These factors are what we will be using in order to compare steam vs dry carpet cleaning. This is what our carpet cleaning company knows when it comes to the two since we are capable of both services. Here are the following differences based on these aspects:

Time Efficiency

When it comes to the duration of the cleaning procedure, it’s really a well-known fact that steam cleaning takes a long time. This is because deep cleaning can take an hour or less whenever done. Dry cleaning on the other hand is known to be faster and can take a few minutes only. Take note that steam cleaning might also require you to remove almost everything in the room.


Due to the deep cleaning process that steam cleaning can do, expect that this will be the better one when it comes to accuracy. This might take long, but expect amazing results once the wait is completely done. In dry cleaning methods, there are instances where residue may get stuck or might remain after the whole procedure. So there are instances where removal of the remaining substance will be done again.

Safety of the Product

It was also discovered the steam cleaning is still the safest way for you to get the carpet cleaned up. Take note that this is the traditional method of cleaning up the whole carpet floor, and is still quite common nowadays. It’s because its alternative method uses a chemdry solution that might be innovative, but can cause health risks especially to some people that are more concerned about it. So if you’re too concerned about chemicals in use, then steam carpet cleaning is better.

These are the differences between the two, but take note that they have their own convenient benefits and so as their down-sides as well. Be sure to choose wisely, and start contacting our  carpet cleaning services company in order for you to get a brand new quality to your messy carpet floor.