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The Importance Of Well Maintained Commercial Fridges

Commercial fridges are already one of the must haves when you are managing a food business like food catering service, diners, hotels and still many others. We all know that people can be sometimes quite impatient thus it is essential to have every possible necessity in your fridge. Whatever dishes you have inputted in your menu, you should try your best to make them available as it just sucks when you will hand the menu and then most of what are written there are not even available. Take note that you are not the only one providing this type of service and in fact, there are so many of you out there. Yes, you need to give the customers what you want and you can do that if your fridge is always in good condition. There should not be a day where you will say no to them just because your fridge is not functioning.

This is the reason why, you need to hire someone to do a regular preventative check up of your fridge. In doing so, any issues will be easily apprehended even before it will generate problem that can affect your business. There are already a number of commercial fridge repair company around that you can hire. Just make sure to check their credentials before hiring them though so that you will really end up with someone who can be your ally. If you are doubtful about this, check out the benefits if your commercial fridge is well maintained or being checked up regularly:


– When your commercial fridge is always in good condition, then you can expect that it will not generate any problem and will therefore consumer the energy needed only. We all know that when an appliance is already defective, it will already consume more than the usual energy.

– You may not know this but there are critical parts of your fridge that can easily get damaged when it is not maintained as expected. So, if you want to enjoy the promised lifespan of your appliance, then you should also comply with the suggestions provided by the manual when it comes to its maintenance.

– Yu can avoid shelling out a good amount of money for major repairs and affecting your business in the process. Every possible defect will then be apprehended before it will even become full blown.

– Every component of your fridge will be checked regularly and therefore because of that, you can expect that you will always experience its best performance.

– There are so many important components in your commercial refrigerator that must be checked regularly like the defrost timers, the suction line insulation, the unit thermometer and still many others. All of these things might have simple functions but when they will not function at all, it will be impossible to still use your fridge. This is the reason why, though some of them have small function only, still you can’t deny the fact that they complete the function of your fridge thus they must be checked regularly.

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What Should You Check When Buying Coffee Machines

Coffee machines are what you need if you want to provide efficient service to your customers. You see, when you are managing a diner, you should be fast with your service as the people who are coming in are certainly less tolerant being they want to order and be served fast as they are hungry or thirsty and they also have a lot of things to do. Besides, they perfectly know well that there are many fishes in the ocean and they can easily switch diner if the need will arise or if they feel that you are neglecting them. Most of us love to drink coffee every morning but because we need to hurry and start going to work, we end up having them in restaurants thus being the restaurant owner, you should also provide quick service. You can do that if you are with a good and reliable coffee machine.


If you are still about to buy a new coffee machine, here are some good tips so that you will end up with a commendable one:

– First thing that you should consider is the type of coffee machine to purchase. Yes, there are many types of coffee machines and each of them has different features. So, check every feature and choose the one that can help the most in providing efficient service.

– Then the next is the capacity of the coffee machine. Note that that you have the options to choose whether you will have the 8. 10, or 12 pouts. Among these options, the one with 12 pouts are the most popular because of the obvious reasons. Since you will use this for your business, you should choose this one or you might end up having a pissed customer.

– Then next is the style of the coffee machine. Most people choose the tabletop coffee machine though there are also those who prefer under cabinet unit types as they are more space saving. But of course this will also greatly depends on the availability of space in your diner. There is also a built-in coffee machine though you must know that this is a little bit more expensive. But then again, if it is worth the price, then why not.

– Then the features of the electrolux commercial coffee machines will also matter a lot. Some of the features that can really be of use are; the auto-off feature which is quite handy when you are dealing with many customers, brew interrupt feature which will let you to pause the drip, programmable settings so that coffee will be already waiting in the morning, and brew selector.

So, these are some of the suggested factors that you can prioritize when purchasing a coffee machine. However, it should be up to you if you have your own preferences. The important thing here is you can purchase a coffee machine that can really help you in maintaining your customers especially that they are not really that easy to please these days.

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How To Pick A Commercial Dishwasher

If you want to make sure that you can provide efficient service to your customers when they will come to your catering business, then you should use a commercial dishwasher. A commercial dishwasher can make sure that your silverwares and utensils are really cleaned being it is incorporated with the appropriate temperature to kill all the germs that are in them. Aside from that, in busy days, you need not be dragged in the sink washing dishes when there are customers waiting for your service. Well, of course you have other people to help you but this will a commercial dishwasher can also help you so that you need not buy too many utensils or dishes as they can be washed immediately and can be used again. Commercial dishwashers are also made in stainless steel thus cleaning would just be easy and won’t take away so much of your time or your employees’ time.

Since commercial dishwashers come in different brands and models and even in styles, you might have a hard time picking one. And so, to help you in this, you can check out the tips below:



– Since commercial dishwashers are electrical products, to save energy consumption, you should check first its energy used. Yes, you can find a commercial dishwasher that will not generate high electric bill. You should be able to find this in the energy guide label which is most of the time found in front of the machine.

– Then another aspect to consider is the use of water. Take note that there are commercial dishwashers that use only half of the water others are using. So, you can look for that kind of commercial dishwasher to save hundreds of gallons of water for every year that you are operating your business.

– Then you can also decide o the amount of cycle used in washing. Take note though that it would be best if you choose a commercial dishwasher that has more cycle options as by then, you will be able to have many ways as well to save the energy used and the water.

So, you can either follow these tips if you have no other better ideas to consider when choosing a commercial pass through dishwashers. There are many types of dishwasher that you can choose from./ Some of them are the undercounter type, the door type and the 44” conveyor type. If you want to know about them, you can check online as for sure you will easily find detailed information about them. You can also decide whether you will choose a dishwasher with high temperature or low temperature, then their operating principals like the fill and dump type or the overflow type. Things like these will surely matter when you start using the commercial dishwasher.

Indeed a commercial dishwasher can help you a great deal when serving your customers efficiently. However, that will not be the case if you will end up with a lousy type of commercial dishwasher. So, be sure to make your choice well.

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Tips For Making A Purchase Of Coffee Machines

If you need your daily caffeine fix, you should have an available coffee machine so you can make a few cups on a daily basis. However, choosing the right coffee machines may seem like a very challenging task considering the fact that there are lots of options to choose from. If you want to make sure that you get the right machine, there are some features that you need to look at. Even when it is your first time to make a purchase of these machines, you can never go wrong so long as you know which option you are going to consider.

There are various machines for you to choose from and it is important that you are well-aware of their functions so you will have an idea which one works for you. Some of the most popular machine includes manual machine, automated machine and capsule machine. Each one has unique functions that you need to understand as it provides you information regarding the type of machine that suits you.


Manual machine is great for coffee lovers who wish to experiment with different types of coffee beans. However, more work will be required when using this type of machine and you need to control it correctly so you will get satisfactory results.

There is also the automated wega coffee machine and with this type of product, you can simply add coffee beans and it will automatically grind them. In just a touch of a button the finished product will be dispensed from the machine. As compared to manual models, this type of coffee machine is more expensive but it reduces the time you will spend for coffee making.

The capsule machine looks allows you to use only the specific amount of coffee beans. In fact, you can simply use ground coffee wrapped in filter paper if you only want to make a cup of coffee. This machine is perfect for making an espresso and it is also fast and easy to use.

Since these coffee machines have different sizes and shapes, you need to carefully choose the kind of machine that can address your coffee making needs. More often than not, if you do not have enough space in your kitchen countertop, you can consider the lighter model. It is also imperative that you take note of the features of the product so you can be sure that you buy the right one. If you want your machine to boil water faster, choose machines with higher wattage.

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How to Buy Commercial Fridges

If you intend to buy new commercial fridges for your restaurant, you may be confused with a lot of options offered for you. While it is indeed not that easy to choose, there are some considerations you have to think about so you will come up with the right buy and you will not regret in the end.

The first thing to think about is to look for the top brands of commercial fridges. The brand tells about the quality and the over-all functionality the fridge can offer. Yes, the brands matter and that the best brand comes from a manufacturer you can really trust. There are brands which you can see at huge volumes in the market since they are produced in quantities while there are brands which you can only see a few products in the market since they are producing few quantities but they are too focused on qualities. This means the manufacturer features a kind of quality that is not the same with the rest of the commercial refrigerator.


Another thing is to look for the warranty the company can offer for the fridge you intend to buy. Yes, there is nothing that will last forever but you need something that gives you highest utility level with the amount of money you have spent. Commercial fridges from different companies also come in different warranties like some only offer warranty on services and some offer warranties on services and some selected parts. Hence, you need to come up with the wise decision on this.

The size of the commercial fridges also greatly vary and your choice of size does matter since this will occupy space in the kitchen. You have to measure the door, the heights and the width. Before you decide on the size, it would be better if you will measure first the area where you would like to place the fridge. The interior dimensions of the fridge is another thing since you will be placing there the stuff to be frozen. So you have to think what stocks you will purchase and will the inner dimension be enough for those.

The price of the commercial fridges differ due to brands and dimension and other factors. When you compare, you still have to consider your budget but on top of that should be the quality. Prioritize the quality and functionality of the fridge before thinking about how much money you can save.

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