Checklist For Bond Cleaning

Bond Cleaning

Moving out from your old rental to another is a stressful phase, no matter how carefully you planned and organised everything. Another source of tension during the move is getting the security deposit back. That’s the money you paid before they allowed you to move in. It’s to make sure you don’t trash the property and that you’ll be leaving it habitable and clean.

Whether you do it yourself or you hire a cleaning company to do the dirty work, here is a list of things that should be clean to get your security deposit back.

• Kitchen. It is one of the most important areas that should be the major focus of any bond cleaning work. Start off where the action is – cooktop, grill, range hood, and ovens – must be free of stains, grease, and grime. Move on to other items, if supplied, that get in contact with food such as the microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and freezer. Follow on areas that are for cleaning and storing food: wash countertops and other surface, wipe cupboards clean, descale and sanitise sink and taps. Last on the list are the floors which should be swept, mopped, and wiped dry.
• Bathroom. This is the other room that needs thorough maintenance during a bond cleaning job. Begin where water is a major feature: scrub, sanitise, and wipe dry the sink, toilet, bath, and taps. Work your way to the shower curtains, doors, or enclosure before proceeding to the walls. Remove mould, dirt, and grime from walls, tiles, ceiling, and floor. Finish off by wiping surface areas, shelves, shower rails, and mirrors clean.
• Other rooms. In other rooms, such as the living room or bedroom, start from top to bottom. Dust fans and remove cobwebs from the ceiling. Wipe clean before washing doors, window frames, window sills and tracks, mirrors, shelving units, and skirting boards. Swab air-conditioning units and clean their filters before vacuuming and mopping hard floors. Steam clean the carpet and deodorise.
• Outdoor. Sweep external areas of rubbish, cobwebs, leaves, and pool debris (if you have one). Do some mowing, weeding, and trimming of plant life. Get rid of oil stains on the driveway or garage. Clear and wash bins dry. Hire pest control if indicated in the tenancy agreement.

You should be able to fill out the Exit Condition report after your belongings are removed by going room to room, filling in each section legibly. If you hire Bond cleaning in Northern Brisbane to do the job, you are confident they will do the task with ease for they have complete cleaning tools and highly trained staffs.