Dealing With Hot Water Incidents

Hot Water Incidents

We often accidentally pour ourselves a hot water that usually causes a minor pain or redness in our skin. If left ignored, this would lead to swelling that you would not want to have. We should always be careful in dealing with a hot water so that we will not meet an accidents like this. If it is a boiling water then surely you will have to seek for a medical attention especially if you have accidentally poured yourself a great amount of hot water. But if it is not painful and it is only a minor thing for you then you could just do some home remedies to ensure that the redness will not worsen and develop into something that could be threathening.


1. First of all, you need to determine that the burn is just a minor burn. You should first know the degree of the burn so that you know the kind of treatment that you can do. You cannot treat a third degree burn yourself, you will need a medical attention by professional physicians who specialize in this field. To know whether it is just a minor burn here some of its characteristics.

• The burnt area is red and swollen.
• The burn area is not white and numb. If it is then you may need to go and see a professional physician.
• The burnt is slightly blistered but does not exceed to 3 inches in area.
If this is what you are seeing in your burnt skin, then you can be sure that it is just a minor burn and you can just treat it yourself.

2. If you have jewelries or clothing near the burnt area then you should carefully remove it.
The jewelries and clothing that is near the area where you got burned should be removed gently because the skin will be swollen soon. You cannot have any constrictive wear it so it can breathe and will not get disturbed.

3. Get a lukewarm water and soak the burned skin into it.
To stop the burning, you should soak the burned area in a lukewarm water. This will give a cooling senstation and would stop the continuous burning that you are feeling. This will also stop the swelling of your burn. Soak the burned area into it for 10 minutes to 30 minutes. If the burned is just small, you can just put a clean damp cloth in it and let it sit for 10 minutes at least.

4. Use an aloe vera to help the healing of your skin faster.
After cooling the burned area, check if there are broken skins on it. If there is none then it is safe for you to apply an aloe vera extract on it to moisturize and help the skin with its healing process. The healing process will surely be a lot faster if you apply an aloe vera extract on the burned area. But if there are broken skins, do not do this step because you might get infected with it.

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