Duct Cleaning: A Company To Meet Your Needs

Duct Cleaning

According to Aeris Technologies, as air is recycled in a building, the concentrations of various organic particles may increase. One of the main sources of such organic loads is the fungal and bacterial contamination. This pollution usually happens in crucial components of the building air handling system. The secondary results of mould, bacterial and fungi take over the air handling systems of contemporary buildings. They create mytoxins, endotoxins and various toxic organic fragments. These toxic organic fragments are called macromolecular organic dust.

Air Duct Cleaning

That is why duct cleaning is very important.

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Duct cleaning services

These people appreciate the fact that cleaning ducts is a service that calls for the use of special appliances that are designed for the job and are safe, efficient and effective.

When your ducts are cleaned, contaminants are removed from the system hence improving the quality of your indoor air, eliminating odors, improving air flow, reducing operational costs, and improving your health quality. Therefore the company desists from encapsulating using chemical sealants.

Here are some areas of your air conditioning system that need periodic cleaning

Return air system
Cleaning this system involves removing contaminants from
• Registers
• Internal surfaces of flexible and rigid ducts
• Any internal flow control devices such as vanes, and dampers

There are some buildings whose systems use the space in the ceiling as a return path. This is called a return plenum. In such cases, the company technicians shall handle the ceiling space as the return duct.

Air handling unit

The cleaning here involves removing lint, debris, carbon, dust and any other contaminants that may be in the unit. This unit may comprise of the outside air intake, dampers, outdoor coil and fan.

Heating and cooling coils

In this segment, the coils are dusted to decrease blockages and contaminant build-up. They are then treated to lower oxidization on the fin surfaces. That lowers resistance of air flow and improves temperature transfer. A clean coil guarantees that you incur low operational costs and enjoy better system efficiency. The team has got a specialist for that since they know that it requires a technician to do such work.

Ventilation systems

While this system is not joined to your air conditioning system, All Duct Cleaning Services must get cleaned for efficient air flow. The ventilation system has got several individual units and they could include car park exhaust, photocopying room, toilet exhaust, kitchen exhaust, and computer room.

Cleaning this system involves the removal of contaminants from:

• Dampers
• Fan(s) both motor and blades
• Internal surfaces of flexible and rigid ducts
• Canopy, registers
• Outside discharge hood