Good Tips When Doing Line Marking

Line Marking

Line marking is that what you see on the streets, on the sports fields, parking lots and many other areas where direction must be silently provided. Yes, line markings are incorporated so that people will know where to go, what to watch out and where not to go. For those who have been in the same place for a long time already. Or for those athletes who are too familiar with their sports though I don’t think that is possible, line markings might not be important anymore. Line markings are for those who need them like those that are not familiar with the traffic yet, those who are new in their jobs in warehouses and to those in similar situations. Just like the road signages, the line markings are meant to provide direction, we can safely say that without them, chaos will surely occur. That is why, there should not be a time where line markings are not visible.

Line markings are very important as they have a very important function and that is to provide direction. This is the reason why they should be done by professionals only. However, if you want to also know about how this task is done, then here are some tips:


– The first thing to do is to clear the surface to be line marked. This can be accomplished by completely clearing the areas from vehicles, pedestrian and other types of debris.

– When completely clear, the surface should also be clear from oils, greases mud, contaminants and any other elements. The bottom line is the surface should be really clean.
– If you are doing the line marking on a new concrete, you should allow it to cure for a number of weeks for if you will apply the line marking right away, chances are it will just fade after a number of days for the concrete will absorb it. That means you will just be wasting your time and money.

– Sprinklers should be turned off and do not do pressure washing at least two days before you plan to do the line marking. This is to make sure that the surface will be completely dry by then.

– By the way, do not forget to put a sign that a line marking activity is going on so that no vehicles or even pedestrians will be passing by. For sure they can make you repeat everything from the start.

– Once the surface is ready like it is already measured, completely dry and clear from any elements, then you can now prepare your materials. One thing though, aside from ensuring that this should only be done by a professional, you should also make sure that only premium materials will be used. Always consider the function of line markings like the concern the safety of too many people, they must be done with the best materials only.

But if you will hire professional carpark line markers in Sydney, you can trust that they will not use less than quality materials.