Grab Opportunity’s Tail

The Government of Australia has devised a program that will be of great help especially to those who suffer from financial instability and could not proceed to go to college. This program has been working for years, facing some negative feedbacks as well good comments from the people. The program is called vet fee help which stands for Vocational Education Training—a loan scheme that is part of the HELP or the Higher Education Loan Program.

Despite the challenges faced by the government, it still continues to support the vet fee help because the government believes in the importance on the value of growing productivity, and also by implementing the program, they can give answer to the issue of lack of trained and skilled workers. To address the country’s issue, the VET courses are available for those qualified students. Since the concept of this program is ‘study now, pay later’, it therefore caters those students who faced cash shortage but recognise the importance of going and completing the higher education for their brighter future. In this case, qualified students can enrol to any accredited school, choosing whether to enrol for the traditional classroom setting or go to online learning. Also, the program is flexible since students can choose schedule of classes if they are available only in the morning or in the evening. This is convenient to the students who are working during the day or vice versa.

However, the question is how you can be qualified to avail this vet fee help? There are qualifications when availing of the program. One of them is that you must be a citizen or resident of Australia. Since it is the Australian government program, therefore, it is intended for Australian people. Next, you must be studying for diploma, an advance diploma, graduate diploma or graduate certificate or better for a course. Students who are studying for certificate courses are not qualified to avail the program. And lastly, you must be enrolled in an eligible full-fee place or be subsidised in an Australian territory government. If then you are eligible for the said qualifications, then you can avail of the VET courses with corresponding amount or loan scheme. For those who want to pursue higher education, this can be an opportunity to take advantage on so to have a better future. If you take up this VET courses, you will have a lot of options where to work because you are eligible to work in professional jobs. Whereas if you stayed out-of-school because of financial burden, the result will be unfortunate since employers nowadays look for those applicants who graduated in higher education.

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