Granny Flats as a Good Investment Strategy

Granny Flats

Granny flats are secondary suites that are connected to the primary house where grandparents, relatives, visiting friends or teenagers can stay. In this way, the privacy of both the major house and the granny flat is maintained. Perhaps that is why these flats are also known as mother-in-law house. Some other names for the granny flats in Australia are “in law suite” or “granny suite”.



What Are Granny Flats?

Granny Flats are a good option for those parents or grandparents who do not want to leave their home and go to old age homes. The foremost concept of these flats is that these are entirely independent despite being connected to the main house. However, most granny flats have a separate path for the entrance. Moreover, these are self-sufficient with a separate kitchen, living area, bedrooms, and bathroom.

Key Features of These Flats:

Granny flats builders Perth consist of fantastic features. They are very beneficial for a family consisting of elderly people like father, mother, and grandparents. As grandparents need care and support in their advanced age and wish to stay close to their family. Many times, all of them might not feel comfortable at old age homes. Such people can stay in a granny flat without disturbing the privacy of other family members. As they remain connected to their family, they get the physical and emotional security they need, without compromising on their privacy. Since they are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners, here is a list of the most popular benefits for you to consider: 

  • They are usually built on the same plot as the primary
  • They have a separate living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and path of the entrance.
  • They are well connected to the primary house.
  • They can be a guest house in a lawn or garden of the home.
  • They also serve as a source of extra income for a family.
  • They are used to accommodate extended family members

The rapid growth of granny flats in Australia is an indication of the immense popularity of these homing units. Your granny flat is more than your shelter; it’s your security and your protection. So taking care of that granny flat decorating work that has been staring at you is worth your time. Today there are numerous prominent manufacturers and installers of granny flats available in Australia. The clients can visit the exclusive showroom of these housing manufacturers and choose these comfortable flats as per their choice.