How to Choose a Good Photo booth Hire

Photo booth Hire

In this selfie generation, where even the most senior of the world’s generation are taking selfies. In this generation, when princes and paupers, and both the Pope and Al Baghdadi are enjoying being photographed, a photobooth hire is one party essential that didn’t exist a few years ago. Hiring a photo booth for events is however, not as simple as contracting just about anybody to provide the service. One has to be careful to prevent making one of the event highlights from becoming the party disaster.


Here’s how to choose a good supplier:

  • Recommendations

Those whose parties you’ve been to and whose photo booth hire impressed you should be asked for feedback and recommendation. Unless they’re mad at you, a more truthful feedback can be expected. There’s no reason for them to badmouth a supplier is the entire party was successful.

  • Inclusions/Exclusions in the Proposal

When studying a supplier’s proposal, carefully study what are included in the supply and services that they are offering. Most importantly, quickly determine what the proposals are not inclusive of. Unscrupulous people make a killing by charging an arm and a leg on “additional services”. They can do that you’ve been hooked and has no way of changing suppliers at the stage in the event.

  • Extras

Does the supplier offer to provide freebies like your corporate and/or logo in the photos? Some wouldn’t but there is a lot who will.

  • Camera Quality

Some quotes may be cheap but unbeknownst to you, their equipment and services are also cheap. Check their sample photos and ask if those were taken by a good camera that the supplier will be bringing to the event. For good measure, take samples shots and have them print it and see the quality for yourself.

  • Number of Guests

Get as close to the real actual figure when estimating the number of guests. A Photo booth hire might give a good proposal but the minimum number of photos that they will take might be very low. In addition, the supplier might try to hit you for high prices of every extra shot that their booth takes and prints.

Investigate the supplier and check whether it has a good reputation both as a professional and as a person.  Try googling the name of the supplier and add the words “review” or “feedback” and decide whether the supplier is reputable or bad.

Finally, a photo booth hire should be positioned in a convenient and visible place in the event. Putting it just beside the stage might cause unpleasant interruption of the program and earn the ire of the audience. If not that, the attendees might not like the idea of being seen posing for photos by everybody looking forward to the stage.  Installing the photo booths for hire Melbourne at the back is a good idea but makes sure that the people know where it is and that it’s free.  Otherwise, they might also ignore it.