How To Scout For A Reputable Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarder

First of all, why are you scouting for a freight forwarder? Well, if you are reading this article, then most probably you are looking for tips in finding a reliable freight forwarder. But can anyone just become a freight forwarder? Maybe abut not everyone can be reliable. That is the difference when you hire a professional freight forwarder, the experience, the reliability and many others. In business, reliability is very important as there are also a lot of people who are relying on your promise. So, if the freight forwarder will fail you, it goes without saying that you will also fail them, and to think that you are in a very competitive world, second chances are rare. The moment you fail your clients, I doubt if they will do business with you again. That is why, if you have to hire a freight forwarder, then do good.

To help you though, here are some useful tips:

– Experience will always top the list when looking for a company. Yes, it is quite easy to embark on a new business like freight forwarding but then again, as this sector is not the easiest to deal with, you will surely fail if you will not arm yourself with experiences first.


– Then inquire about their connections all over the world especially to the countries you are dealing with like origin and the destinations. Like for example if you are from the US and you export to china, then see to it that they have a good connection to that country. Well, of course you also need to consider the fact that they have wide connections all over the world as you never know if you will start dealing businesses with other countries soon.

– Another thing to inquire about is if they provide the type of carrier you prefer like by air or by ocean or just by land. Though most of the time, forwarding companies provide all of these types of carriers, still there are those that are a little limited or maybe they just specializes in one carrier.

– Don’t forget to ask for references. This might be old school but this is really quite effective in knowing more about the company you are planning to do business with. They are the ones that can either confirm or warn you against such freight forwarding company. That is why, no matter how busy you are, you should ask for at least three references and should really take the time to talk to them.

– And lastly, their customer service is also very important. Some businesses are not that good when dealing with people like they have no respect for your time and will let you wait for a long time before they can even confirm or deny your deal. You should skip companies like these though. Take note that there are many fishes in the ocean and being a potential customer, they should accommodate you right away.

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