Printed splashbacks

Printed splashbacks are unique forms of splashbacks as it does not only perform its duties in the kitchen or bathroom by protecting the walls from splashes from the sinks or cooking appliances but it will definitely boost the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen or the bathroom. Printed splashbacks are usually glass splashbacks with printed images behind the protecting surface. Interested home owners can simply avail of this by contacting their nearest splashback company that caters to printed splashbacks. In order for a person to order a printed splashback for their own use, he or she has three simple steps to follow in order to get this done.

Know what image our want

As mentioned earlier, printed splashbacks have images set before the protective layer of glass which will do its job in keeping the walls safe from water stains or splashes from the cooking. Some splashback companies provide a wide range of images that clients can choose from and may possibly feature creations from photographers. To make sure that the clients will fully enjoy their customized splashbacks, they also have a chance to provide their own images which will be used for printing.


Measure the splashback

If the client is choosing to buy a printed splashback or a regular splashback, he or she should get an accurate measurement of the area that the splashback would cover and this is most important especially for the printed splasbacks as it has to be done accurately because the glass splashback will not be the only thing affected by the incorrect size as it also will include the printed image as well. It should be known by the clients that getting a printed splashback can be an expensive investment thus it should be measured out properly before it is produced. To help you with this, call the Printed Kitchen Splashbacks shop in Melbourne.

Get a quote

The final step into getting printed splashbacks is to have a quote. The quote can be given out during the consultation stage between the client and the splashback company’s consultant. During the consultation, the consultant tells the clients what their company can offer him or her such as the material of the splashback and their printing method and at the same time, the client can tell the consultant what he or she wants to appear in his customized splashback as well as other necessary information such as where it will be installed and how much area it should cover in the said room. The consultant will then be able to come up with a quote which can help the client determine the price he or she will pay.