The Men Who Love Photo Booth Rental

Photo Booth Rental

This is a crossing of the new city. Among all the crossings, this one is special. It is special because it has traffic lights while others don’t have one. It is very special because there is a man with his photo booth rental always sitting at the corner.

This man is stranger to the city. Nobody in the city has met him before, even though the city itself is pretty much a new settlement. The man silently sitting at the corner, with a small cardboard in the front saying “photo booth, $1”. It seems like he is the owner of the photo booth and he is trying to make money by letting other people using it.

Soon, a couple walks by and find him. They start chatting and then they step into the photo booth rental Sydney. With a few flashes, the couple walks out, hand the man some bills and leave without looking back one more time. But without another minute, other customers start expressing their interest to him. Looks like this business is pretty robust after all.

At dusk, the man stands up from his poor old chair when a group of uniformed people come. They carry the rental photo booth into their truck and charge the man some money. After a few paper, they leave the place with the photo booth rental. Without his rental photo booth, the man decides to go home and have a rest. Everybody on the street is so busy passing by each other that nobody notices a difference.

Day by day, the city grows slowly and people on the street become busier and busier. The man with his photo booth is still sitting at the corner of the crossing. But this time, the man carefully cleans his photo booth after every use and he maintains it very well. When the sun is setting, No one come to him to claim the photo booth back. Instead, he carries it back home with a cart. Now he owns the photo booth.

Months later, at the same crossing of the same city, a different man is sitting at the corner with a photo booth. He is neither taking care of the photo booth nor maintaining it. He just sits there and charging people who just used it. When dusk is coming, a truck of people with uniformed clothing come to him. Another man walk out of the truck slowly, takes a look at the photo booth and starts to clean it carefully. Looks like the one we have known now owns a small business of photo booth rental service.