The things that should be included in a website design

Website design is an undertaking that is both challenging and enjoyable as the end goal of designing a website is making it look more than just presentable – it should also function not only let the visitor perform the necessary actions he or she needs to do in relation with the nature of the website but also to help enhance the overall look and appeal of the website. Here are three things that should ever be present in the process of a website design as a good website can hardly stand without it.

Contact box

The contact box is a part of website design that is highly important, especially if the website is for a company or a business selling goods or services. A contact box is important in letting people contact the website owners in order to talk to them regarding the contents of the website or for business purposes. The contact box is powered by PHP and is coded using HTML and designed with CSS and usually contains blank spaces in order for a customer to fill up the necessary details aside from the message in order for him to be contacted and addressed properly in return to his query such as the name, email address and telephone number.



A plug-in is a huge part of website design and can come in several forms. Basically, a plug-in is a software that has the ability to process a specific function and is usually created and present in a website in order to support media such as videos and music clips. Another type of plug-in that is now commonly featured in websites link visitors to their various official social media accounts. A plug-in should be used wisely however, especially if it is created in order to support a specific type of media as the user at the other end of the line may not be able to support the said plug-in.


A tab is another feature in website design that is highly important as it keeps the content of the website organized as well as for easier navigation. There are different ways in creating a tab for a website namely the combined efforts of HTML and CSS or by using the power of JavaScript. In a website, tabs are usually created in order to set the following contents apart from one another namely the About Us, Contact Us and Archives just to name a few.

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