Four Tips for Choosing the Right Canvas Art for Your Home

Canvas Arts

What better way to add style to your home than having a canvas art? But even if you have the idea in mind, finding the one that goes well in your room is not easy. No wonder many people end up emptyhanded. To help, we listed the things you need to take note of to find an artwork that will take your decor to the next level:

  • Size

Think about the size of the room when determining what canvas art to choose. You don’t want to put a tiny piece in a big white wall. If you have a tall narrow wall, you must have art pieces created in portrait or vertical shape, whilst horizontal walls work best with the art of similar shape like landscape.

  • Contrast

You don’t need to limit yourself when it comes to colour. However, remember that you need to pay close attention to the contrast of your design. The general rule is, warm vs cool and dark vs. light. Or if you have a coloured wall, you must have white or pale canvas. Establishing the right contrast can make or break your design. Don’t choose a tone that is conflicting to look at.

  • Furniture

The canvas art must be wider than the furniture. The pieces must also be centred over the sofa or bed. Tall furniture like bookcase must match with a tall material. Take note of the colours of the fixtures as well. If the fixtures’ tone does not match with what you have, it is better to look for another material. If you have an old-fashioned sofa, don’t put modern canvas.

  • Materials

Ask the suppliers about the materials that they have. The life of your artwork depends on the things that they use. If you want to change the feel of your room get a nice canvas art design.