Tips On Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning has never been an easy job to do. This is because it requires proper knowledge as to how it is done and how it should be done. Carpet cleaning is not just plainly washing the carpet to remove the dirt on it but it needs deep and proper washing so that the dirt and all the bacteria that is living on it will also be eliminated and so the carpet can already be used again safely. If you do not know anything about carpet cleaning, then you should opt for the help of professional carpet cleaners. But if you want to learn and do things on your own, here are some tips on how carpet cleaning should be done.

1. If there are small stains, blot it, don’t scrub it.

If there are stains on your newly used carpet, refrain from scrubbing the stain because this will just spread the stain on the other parts of the carpet making a bigger mess. Just get a damp towel and blot the stain until the stain is removed. You can damp the towel with a cleaning solution or with water. Just make sure that it is not harmful for the carpet because this might damage the fibres of the carpet making it ugly. And surely you do not want that to happen.



2. Vacuum the carpet at least two times a week regularly.

Vacuuming the carpet every week is very effective in keeping it clean because this will prevent the dusts and other bacteria to be able to penetrate deep down and hold their ground. Regular vacuuming means that they will not have the chance to go deep down or even reach the deepest part of the carpet and create their colony. This is often the problem in most carpets that are not regularly cleaned, this will already cause harm to the people who are using it and may even give out airborne diseases because of the molds that have developed deep down. So from now on, use your vacuum cleaner to your carpet regularly to keep it clean as much as possible.

3. Use small brushes and clean damp cloths if there are stains and small dirt on the carpet.

Small brushes and clean damp cloths are also very effective in keeping the carpet clean because this will be enough to remove those small stains because of the spills of food or any beverage. When this happens, you do not have to wash the entire carpet to clean it, you just have to get your small tools and get the job done. Also, get yourself a carpet shampoo so that you are sure that the cleaning solution that you are using is safe for your carpet. Use the damp cloth to moisten the surface of the carpet, try blotting the stain, if this does not remove the stain then apply a small amount of carpet shampoo on the moist area then use the small brush to slowly remove the stain. Use the damp cloth to take the dirt that has been removed. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

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