Web Development

In web development, there are two sides in which a web designer has to consider. These sides are better known as scripts or scripting and are essential in identifying which programs or languages are used and run by whom. There are two sides of web development, namely the client-side and the server-side. Both the client-side scripting and the server-side scripting have roles in web development as these perform specific responsibilities and functions to which a website is dependent on. The client-side and the server-side will be each discussed below.

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In terms of points of view, the client-side scripting part of web development deals only with that the website visitor sees or does. In a more detailed approach, the client-side scripting are codes which are executed and run using the browser. These codes come in the form of different languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript just to name a few as these help in making the appearance as well as interaction part of the website to which the visitor will rely on. What the client-side scripting actually does is that it downloads a temporary copy of the website’s data from the server that the website falls back on. Once this is complete, it will appear on the visitor’s browser the website we are all familiar with complete with the interactions that it was initially designed with. Despite the fact that even if the visitor’s internet connection is disconnected for one reason or another, the client-side scripting will still allow visitors to view these websites as this displays what should be seen on a website.


In web development, the server-side scripting is much more complex when compared with the client-side scripting. The server-side scripting is responsible for the exchange of data happening between the browser and the web server and the languages often associated with server-side scripting are identified as PHP, Java and Python. Server-side scripting is dependent on the web server in order for it to be executed and the reason for this is its ability to implement these programs with its own ease as it is programed to do so regardless of its complexity. It is also important to know that the server-side scripting is more than just the transfer of data for a website to appear; it is also responsible for building and managing the database of the server.

At the end of the day, both sides of the scripting are needed in order for a website to work and none of this would be possible without web development.