Your Options When It Comes To Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks are already common fixtures of the kitchen and bathrooms. For those who have no idea what splashbacks are, they are the ones you will usually see being covered on the walls near the sinks or behind the gas stoves. The reason they are installed these is so that they can receive the splashes of different types of liquid that are used in cooking. Aside from that function, due to the advent of technology, they can also enhance the look of your kitchen. Yes, you can have both worlds with today’s splashbacks. They can be for aesthetics and functional at the same time. There are different types of kitchen splashbacks though the most common is the glass splashbacks but they are not the cheapest and in fact, one of the most expensive. The reason they are greatly preferred despite their high price is because of the look they generate.

If you are still undecided as to what type of splashbacks to use for your kitchen, let me assist you and check out below some of your options:

– First is the window glass splashbacks. With this type of splashbacks, the glass will be the wall and the splashbacks at the same time. That is why, you can clearly see the outside view even when you are in the kitchen. This type of splashbacks will make your kitchen look bigger and because they are made of glass, there will be no grouts that can be burdensome to clean.


– Then next is the mirror splashbacks. Actually, the effect of this is almost similar to the first type, the window glass splashbacks. This type can also make your kitchen bigger and spacious. Aside from that, it can also reflect the lights so that it will bounce through the cabinetry.

– Te for more dramatic effect, you can also choose the tinted mirror splashbacks. The good thing with this is there are endless designs that you can choose thus you can easily find something that will match to the current fixtures of your kitchen.

– You can also choose exposed brick type of kitchen splashbacks. Your kitchen will surely have that ragged yet innovative look with the imperfect and rustic quality of the bricks. For best results, you can choose those recycled bricks and choose three to four colors. And just to have that unique effect, you can even have them painted so that you can inject your own preferences.

– The last is the timber. Know that there are many types of timber that you can use as kitchen splashbacks. Just one thing though, be sure to have the timber splashbacks covered with glass so that it will become water or liquid resistant.

There are still some types of splashbacks that are not listed here. If you are not satisfied with the given options, you can check online for more choices. For sure you will easily find them as splashbacks are really getting popular these days.

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